New CASPR Compact+ Hospital-grade disinfection for any environment.


Protect everyone in your environment all day, every day with continuous air and surface pathogen reduction from CASPR


Invisible orthodontics for all!


At 2C MedTech, we strive to serve our customers by continuously introducing innovations that improve the quality of their lives and grow their businesses. Like many of you, developments during the first half of 2020 shifted our focus. We realized that with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, every environment had become a healthcare environment and concerns about reducing airborne and surface pathogens touched everyone.

We proudly bring our healthcare expertise and entrepreneurial mindset to customers of all shapes and sizes, across industries, from dental offices to airports.  We want to help you protect everyone who enters your environment utilizing the unique solutions offered by CASPR for Continuous Air and Surface Pathogen Reduction.

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The Role of Active Air Disinfection in Mitigating the Effects of Aerosol Generating Dental Procedures

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