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The Role of Active Air Disinfection in Mitigating the Effects of Aerosol Generating Dental Procedures

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Resource Documents

Evolving Technologies for Decontaminating Healthcare Environments

Antiviral Effectiveness of CASPR Group’s Test Device Against Feline Calicivirus and Influenza A

Efficacy of CASPR Medik™ in continuously reducing pathogens on surfaces

Data Sheets & Manuals

CASPR Data Sheet

A quick instructional video on how to perform simple, routine maintenance for your CASPR Mobile unit.

CASPR Data Sheet

CASPR Mobile
Owner’s Manual


Units Overview

Instructional Videos

Cleaning the Air Filter on your
CASPR Mobile

A brief instructional video on cleaning the air filter on your CASPR Mobile.

How to Replace the PCO
on Your CASPR Mobile

A brief tutorial on how to replace the PCO (photocatalytic oxidation) cell on your CASPR Mobile.