While many of our customers purchase CASPR to be used in healthcare settings, the technology has found its way into new environments, including entertainment. The Berliner Kabarett Anstalt (BKA Theater), one of Berlin’s most popular cabaret theaters, recently added CASPR Compact+ to it’s line up. The new CASPR Compact+ units can be found in the bar, the foyer, the theatre area and backstage in the dressing rooms and theater offices.

As the city of Berlin is on a partial lockdown for the month of December, the theater is limited to live-streaming its performances, but that did not stop them from installing CASPR Compact+ to add an additional layer of protection for their performers and team members.

“The performers appreciate that we are taking extra steps to keep them safe,” said Uwe Berger BKA’s director. “And we know our audiences will appreciate it too when the BKA is open to the public again.”

The BKA Theater has a thirty-two year history of bringing cutting edge, cabaret-style entertainment to Berlin’s colorful Kreuzberg neighborhood. Known throughout the city for its off-beat mix of performers, biting political satire and as a place where up-and-coming musicians are featured, the BKA is a Kreuzberg institution. The 240-seat theater welcomes tens of thousands of visitors every year. To learn more about BKA go to www.bka-theater.de.

CASPR Compact+ is the mobile version of CASPR’s hospital-grade technology for Continuous Air and Surface Pathogen Reduction. This novel technology is safe for use in occupied space and  has been proven to be effective against bacteria and viruses in hospitals across the U.S. The CASPR Compact+ is a flexible, portable solution for any environment where air and surface pathogen reduction is needed.

2C MedTech distributes CASPR products in the United States Germany, Switzerland and Austria. For more information visit www.2cmedtech.com or call 800.209.7053. View the BKA Theater’s website here.