From Dental Tribune

By Dr. Annamaria Genovesi, Dr. Saverio Cosola, Giacomo Oldoini, and Professor Ugo Covani
October 6, 2020

The authors provide insight on how best to protect patients from becoming infected with COVID-19.

They write: “Knowledge of the microbiome has profoundly changed oral hygienists’ and dentists’ clinical approach to controlling oral infections. Furthermore, the modern modus operandi has increasingly forced us to reduce treatment time and biological and economic costs and therefore carry out minimally invasive interventions with excellent results through periodontal support therapy.

In this scenario, the patient becomes the protagonist and is no longer only the object of our therapy. In the second phase of the coronavirus emergency, in which we must live with COVID-19 at least until a vaccine has been found, some of these revised protocols could be useful strategies to contain the pandemic and reduce cross-infection in dental practices.”

They propose revised protocols, greater attention to the use of specific PPE, a flowchart of sterilization and sanitation, the reduction of aerosols, and better ventilation in practices.

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